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Plumbing Repair Newark Ohio - ARM Building ServicesMajor repairs such as plumbing and water leaks often require hiring a professional.  Finding a reliable plumbing company is key to ensuring the job will be done correctly. ARM Building Services, LLC is a professional & trusted plumbing company located in Newark, Ohio.  Our trustworthy company is licensed, insured, and will provide a written estimate, as well as guarantee our work.


There is plenty to consider when looking for a plumbing company in Licking County. Some of the advantages of using Arm building services are:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

*   Never have to worry whether you can find somebody to get there, we have technicians on 24/7.

  • All work is guaranteed (90 day labor warranty & 1-yr parts or mfg. warranty on everything we do).

*        Never again will you pay an hourly employee to fix his own mistakes.

  • Experienced Staff

*      Our multi-craft technicians are continually undergoing further education through classes and seminars that we pay for.

It saves time and money to hire a plumbing company that can not only make a repair, but also offers sales and installation for any new items (such as water heaters) that may be required. If there is installation involved, our skilled plumbers will provide you with the upfront cost to get the job done.

Ask us about rates and discounts for your plumbing problems as well. For example, those who own multiple properties may take advantage of our MPOD (multiple property owner discount) which offers 5% off of your invoice. Our rates will be disclosed in advance, along with payment terms.

When scheduling your appointment, we will discuss any safety concerns, permits, schedules, emergency hours, and clean-up after the job is complete. Please be thorough when discussing your plumbing issue with us. We will listen, and this will help prevent any unexpected costs and/or delays.

We are proud to serve Licking County and are known for our excellence when it comes to sales, repairs, installation, and our professional and friendly staff.

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