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The Importance of Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Heating and Cooling Newark Ohio -ARM Building ServicesWhen it comes to Heating and Cooling services in Licking & Franklin County, ARM Building Services is the right contractor for the job. We live in a world where technology has adapted to the harshest conditions of heat and to the coldest extremes of winter. Heating and Cooling solutions are constantly evolving as businesses expand and owners acquire more properties. There is also a constant need for upgrading and maintenance when it comes to heating and cooling any building structure.


It is not uncommon to see establishments keep their old heating and cooling units well over their life expectancy. In the long run, a new heating and cooling unit can actually save owners on the rising costs of electricity, along with those hefty fees that an old inefficient unit will cause. Minor problems can turn that once magnificent heating and cooling unit into a nightmare. We are here to intercept the problem before it can cause any further damage or cause electrical damage to other components in the building.


To lessen the impact on your wallet, we have a Complete Home Tune-up that saves you 15% off of our regular price. We know that many owners have multiple properties and being part of the MPOD program will give a 5% discount for service calls and up-front pricing.


The best investment that any owner can make, whether it is residential or business, is repairing or replacing their old heating and cooling units. Sometimes a gas or electrical furnace repair is needed, or maybe the thermostat needs replacement. Heating and cooling units are one of the most under-looked things in an establishment, but they need to be properly maintained for safety.


One thing on everyone’s mind in today’s economy is money, so purchasing and repairing the dreaded heating or cooling unit can sound costly. One great advantage with the modern units of today is they control temperatures with more efficiency. This allows for savings not only over the year but possibly at tax time.


Call Arm Building Services today to schedule your heating and cooling maintenance or repair. We get the job done right!


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